Trip to Gisborne Secondary college

Wow today we are going to Gisborne Secondary, I wonder what it’s going to be like.

Hmm not what I expected, it’s not as big as I thought and it’s a bit yucky because there is sooooo much gum on the bottoms of the chairs.

the theatre was pretty fun because the only thing we did was play games, so it was fun. The games that we played were:electric circal, this funichur game and mime Chinese whispers.

at art we made flowers out of CD’s by couloring the shiny side of them with colour, then adding detail with a black texta, finally we got a leaf and attached it to a stick, and then attach that stick and Leif to the CD

My expo

My expo was soooooooooo sooooo so so soooooooo fun because I got to see everyone’s project especially Williams Louise’s and Chris’s the best part was explaining my research and looking at other people’s projects next time        I would do my hair better and make it not as long

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I learnt how to code with Minecraft by using a program called hour of code go check it out your self it’s fun active and educational and also I learnt six complicated word throughout the last few days: coding debugging program programmer algorithm and loop


Here is my introduction paragraph to my information report… hello my name is Will and today we will be talking about gravity, gravity is a major downward force that keeps everything on the planet on the ground and it has a big impact on the way we live every day through out the year.

The founder of gravity is Sir Isaac Newton he discovered gravity when he saw a falling apple while thinking about forces of nature.


Today we went orienteering it was fun because we went into the bush were we found one of those clipper things to clip our map, to get one step closer to the next map to clip more things, also me had to stop early due to rain and we had to get on the bus early and the drive to school early and that’s pretty much it.

The blind change

Tactile banknotes
(Tactile means touch or feel)

Connor’s blind but he can do every thing a normal person can do because he can read tactile but money doesn’t have tactile so he is trying so he made a campaign and he got 57,000 signatures so they said that the next generation of notes will have Braille
Connor was born blind but he can see shapes but he can’t read but he can read fluent tactile (or Braille.) he can,t see Colour he has a special app called jaws that reads to him and he likes to rock climb he gets nervous when he goes to shops because he can,t read out the money so he needs the shopkeeper to help and the shop keeper could rip him off

I learnt that in Instagram people can track you down at your home and they can kill you.
If you are playing online video games if someone says they are ten they could actually be forty and they could find you and hurt you.
If you type up your full name on google it will come up with your digital footprint

By Will
Information from Kiera